just this guy, you know?

I am a Front-End Developer from Bellville in the Western Cape, with a qualification in Psychology- an unusual background which affords me unique insights into what happens on both sides of the screen. I am passionate about creating websites that people actually want to use, and consequently I care deeply about standards, optimisation and user experience.

I’ve been creating websites for a little over 3 years and despite what I tell my girlfriend, one of the happiest days of my life was when I realised that I can combine my love of computers with my passion for working with people, and get paid in the process.

chapter: 1

the things i'll do for money.

chapter: 2

a herd of acronyms.

  • Writing semantic font-end HTMl & CSS

  • Creating custom CMS themes (mainly WordPress)

  • Modular (DRY) JavaScript and jQuery

  • Using microformats and standards compliant code for SEO

  • Responsive and Mobile Friendly development

  • Implementing version control (GIT) to manage projects

  • Creating User-centric interfaces

“Thanks to Andries, I now have a product that can compete internationally.”

Dr Frenette Southwood, Dept of Linguistics , Stellenbosch University

chapter: 3

a course in debt accumulation.

W3Schools' Certification Program
Just kidding.
Hons. Psychology (UNISA)
Graduated 2010
I completed my honours degree in Psychology at the University of South Africa with a distinction in Cognitive Psychology.
BA Sosio-Informatics
(Stellenbosch University)
Graduated 2008
Socio-Informatics curriculum comprises the study of, among others, the phenomenon of the knowledge economy, organisation and management, knowledge management, systems theory, decision-making and decision support systems, hard- and software systems, electronic business, database design, internet design and management, and basic programming.